Downtown Durham Inc

Five Points Plaza Lighting Project


In collaboration with the City of Durham’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, Downtown Durham, Inc. (DDI) completed a new lighting installation at Five Points Plaza at the intersection of Main and East Chapel Hill Street on December 19, 2017.

The plaza was previously lit by six waist-height bollards – the light shed was insufficient to properly illuminate the plaza at night and the lights cast an uncomfortable glare into the pedestrian right of way. DDI replaced each of these six bollards with custom-made poles to support a canopy of string lights over the plaza. This new arrangement sheds a soft and festive glow over the plaza which will increase the perception of safety and make the space more welcoming during the evening hours. Furthermore, in addition to the existing bolted-down picnic tables in the plaza, four of the six poles support small standing-height tables with footrests; this addition provides more casual lingering opportunities for meetings, lunch breaks, and social interaction.

The new lighting installation with the additional table configuration will encourage more frequent and varied use of this central plaza. While the space has been heavily used during daylight hours, it will now also provide a comfortable and welcoming gathering space after sundown. As foot traffic in downtown continues to intensify at all times of day, this location can become a central hub for social engagement, public events, and casual performances and gatherings.

Special thanks to electrical contractor, Ryan King Electric; metal fabricator, Metalcraft Fabricating Co.; and funding from City of Durham Office of Economic and Workforce Development

For more information, please contact Rachel S. Wexler, Special Projects Coordinator for Downtown Durham, Inc. at 919-682-2800 or

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