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Downtown Durham, Inc. Hosts Public Space Project ‘Soapbox’ Friday, Oct. 19

Durham, N.C. – Downtown Durham, Inc. will host its second Public Space Project in conjunction with Third Friday on Friday, Sep. 21. The Instrumental Wax Project, by artist Ashley Swindoll, will debut between 6-9 p.m. in the Holland Street Alley between Google Fiber and The Durham Hotel. The exhibition will feature large-scale kinetic sculptures – created with wire, archival beeswax and discarded musical instruments – suspended from the two buildings.

Swindoll, whose work aims to find healing and resilience for trauma survivors through creative expression, describes the emotions she hopes to evoke: “Consider glowing cocoons attached to trees with marching musical insects made of beeswax and instruments. The body of work has the potential to have a great impact on a wide range of community members given its conceptual nature. Inevitably, we, or someone we know, will encounter moments where we, too, must call on our reservoir of creativity to rise above our traumas.”

The project will remain up through October.

DDI sponsors the Public Space Project to activate public spaces downtown. The Projects create experiences that celebrate the creativity and communities that make downtown Durham unique. On October 19, DDI will host the final Public Space Project for 2018. “Soapbox” by artist Kamara Thomas, will feature a procession of performers on soapboxes delivering orations, monologues and debates accompanied by a music ensemble and women’s chorus.

For more information about Downtown Durham Public Space Project, visit or DDI will also post up-to-the-minute updates on social media (#ddipublicspaceproject).

For 25 years, Downtown Durham, Inc. has been the economic development engine for downtown Durham, NC. With more than $1.7 billion in investment since 2000, downtown Durham is home to more than 60 retail stores, 100 restaurants and bars, and 1,700 residential units – all in an area just under one square mile. As the entity responsible for the business improvement district, DDI provides resources to keep downtown Durham clean and safe, and to attract visitors and residents to downtown businesses, venues and events. For more information, visit

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