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Burt’s Bees


It all started with the beeswax.

Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby created Burt’s Bees in the remote Maine wilderness in the early 1980s after leaving their hectic city lives behind. The two hit it off when Burt pulled over to pick up a hitchhiking Roxanne. Burt had learned to keep bees and had been selling honey roadside. Roxanne apprenticed and found a book of recipes that they used to transform their beeswax into candles and lip balm. Like the forest outside of Burt’s 300-square-foot-turkey-coop-turned-cabin, everything flourished from there.

Today, we make all our products with some of nature’s most effective ingredients, all sourced with respect for people and the land. Each ingredient is chosen for its proven ability to replenish and strengthen a healthy skin barrier. That means only the good stuff, and absolutely none of the bad, for hydrated and happy skin.

Now Burt's Bees has a corporate office located right in the heart of downtown Durham.


210 W Pettigrew St.
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