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Culture Hair Studio

Culture Hair Studio


Looking for stylish, fashion-forward haircuts from skilled, creative artisans? With a staff of dedicated stylists and a dedication to inspiration, Culture Hair Durham is determined to become the top-rated hair salons in Durham, NC, one hairstyle at a time.

For us, being one of the best hair salons in Durham is about more than just outstanding haircuts to all of our clients. It is also about creating a unique atmosphere that brings the community together and gets them excited for all of the possible cuts, styles, and colors that can be applied to their hair. We are determined to be among the many local hair salons redefining what hair care and hairdressing can and should be. Each of our stylists has their own area of expertise and can bring their skills and vision to your next haircut. We even reduce our carbon footprint by recycling the waste we create, partner with local artisans who share our vision, and partner with companies that sell paraben, sodium-chloride, and sulphate-free hair care products. After all, a truly professional hair salon is one that looks after its clients even after they leave the store.

For a stylish cuts and colors hair salon, seek out Culture Hair Durham. We strive to provide outstanding, fresh new looks for our adventurous Durham Clientele, one hairstyle at a time. To learn more or book your next appointment, email or call us today.


211 N Church St.
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