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Tenci / Orre / Dissimilar South

January 23, 2023 @ 7:00 pm

A newness in Tenci’s sound unveils in “Vanishing Coin” with upbeat immediacy, adding onto their unique changing rhythms. Shoman’s soft and trilling vocals fuel the song’s imagery as a friendship vanishes and another well appears. The wish from the tossed fountain coin never comes to fruition, as the instruments stab in and out, “a forgotten push pin.” “Two Cups” continues this threshold between the folk and rock genres, as a tough and sweet guitar solo converses, “I won’t wait,” fizzling towards freedom. Unlike a public fountain, a personal cup can be filled on your own terms towards abundance. Like a magic trick, all of this fullness evolved from jotted writing in Shoman’s journal. The notebook’s cover is made from a


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