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February 24 @ 9:00 pm

2022 was an amazing year for the growth and support of the Diffuse Audio Sound System. We’ve been fortunate to work with many awesome crews in the area sharing many different styles! In 2023, we’re bringing in some of our own sounds. Starting with some of Detroit’s Finest on our gnarly boutique sound system, complimented by some rad eye candy!


Blake Baxter – The Prince of Techno – Detroit

Blake Baxter is a Detroit Techno music pioneer. One of the originators of the Detroit Techno music sound, Blake was part of the first wave of House and Techno music DJs and producers from Detroit. As well as being known for his electronic music productions Blake Baxter is a spoken word vocalist and lyricist in the field of dance music.

The man behind the funky hi-tech bass-line on Transmat Records “Kaos” Juice Bar release, you can hear his influence on early Transmat releases. Baxter was involved with four music productions that were released on the compilation album titled “Techno” (The New Dance Sound of Detroit) in 1988, which was the compilation album that introduced the Detroit Techno sound to the world! Blake has released music on the labels like KMS, Underground Resistance” and has sixteen cataloged releases on the Tresor label. Blake is currently releasing music from within his record label network “Mix Records,” Acid313, Afrodesitrax, Raw Data recordings, and Technological Audio Research.


DJ Roach – Nuestro Futuro / Tec-Troit – Detroit

DJ Roach is from Southwest Detroit’s Latino community. Roach began DJing in the late 80’s with his brother at local events in his neighborhood. Inspired by Jeff Mills, aka the Wizard- it was then he knew the musical direction he wanted to pursue. Roach is an all vinyl DJ with skills second to none mixing records at lightning speed, playing Detroit techno, electro and acid tunes to keep the crowd moving and wanting more. Roach is the founder of Tec-Troit Electronic Music festival in Downtown Detroit. With the support & guidance of Mad Mike Banks, Underground Resistance & Submerge, DJ Roach launched his all vinyl record label in April 2013 Nuestro Futuro Records. He also has releases on Cryovac Recordings, Soiree Records International, Expressway Records, Mona Records Spain and Detroit Artist Agency


Moses – Biblical Proportions / Tec-Troit – Detroit

Moses has been working on mastering the 1s and 2s for almost 30 years. Starting as a hip hop Dj in his home town at the age of 14 he began playing house parties and clubs at a young age. Around the age of 18 Moses was introduced to electronic music and more importantly Detroit Techno. While learning this new world, he was also working with his band Activity Bomb lending his hip hop flair and some scratches to the fusion group. In his mid 20s Moses moved to California where he discovered a strong techno community in Tijuana. Ultimately this led him to miss the Detroit Techno family. Moving home turned out to be just what he needed. Starting off slow he joined friends at a residency for all vinyl nights. Shortly after he formed the Live PA group Biblical Proportion with Solomon Allen after they noticed a large hole for live performances in the scene. Their love for live techno and electro started in the late 90s going to raves in the Detroit underground and they wanted to bring a little bit of that back. After a few years of BP playing the underground, Moses decided it was time to contribute to bringing back the free festival. Founding the Pine Groove festival he was able to provide 3 stages of international and local talent as well as art and workshops all for free. It was at this time he was introduced to DJ Roach of Tectroit. As they learned each other’s passion for providing a free event to showcase local talent and inspire new talent, Moses started working with Tectroit. Through all of this BP was able to release 3 Records as well as multiple digital tracks. Moses has played in numerous countries and throughout the US but comes alive behind the decks in Detroit. His versatility with all different levels of techno and love for electro, makes Moses a must hear in the Detroit scene.


And local support from Diffuse Audio’s own Billie Blaze

The craftsman behind the Diffuse Audio soundsystem himself! With a fury of banging beats, strong undertones of early rave/acid, and heavy techno influences this local veteran is here to set the mood right.


This event will feature the FULL Diffuse Audio rig, with SIX 21” Subwoofers to rattle the walls. Our Lighting and Video will tickle your senses with photonic goodness.

We are looking to fill some of the space with art and vendors as well, please reach out if you are interested!


The Fruit – 305 S. Dillard, Durham, NC

24 Feb 2023

Doors at 9PM


$20 Entry Presale or Door