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Ella West Gallery

Ella West Gallery


A gallery space dedicated to bringing new voices into the epoch of art history.

Ella West Gallery is pleased to present the work of Kennedi Carter, Clarence Heyward and Ernie Barnes in its inaugural exhibition, Return to Parrish Street: A Dream Realized. With a mission to showcase work that speaks to and reflects the diversity of our community and beyond, Ella West Gallery is committed to championing underrepresented artists and expanding their access to collectors and enthusiasts. By creating space for a broad range of emerging and established regional, national, and international artists, the gallery will nurture the artistic growth of a generation that will reshape art history.

Anchored on Parrish Street in the heart of Black Wall Street, Ella West Gallery is situated within a rich history of African American entrepreneurship and achievement. Through economic and academic self-reliance Black Wall Street built a community that was rooted in mutual aid, helping families turn dreams into reality. In its first show, the gallery honors this legacy by showcasing three Black North Carolina artists whose work explores the relationship between dreams and destiny. Through their distinct art practices, Carter, Barnes and Heyward express a sense of agency and autonomy that embody the spirit of Ella West Gallery and more importantly, the neighborhood the gallery calls home.


104 W Parrish St.
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