Intent Fithouse



Address103 W Main St

Zip Code27701



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about the location

We are on a mission to create a wellness experience that is inclusive, encouraging, + empowering. Instead of just selling spots in a class, we’re into cultivating a community of active, fulfilled + positive people. With an open + motivating environment + a team that is welcoming + detail oriented, no one will ever feel like they are being herded into + out of a class, but like an integral part of our sweaty squad. We are committed to working hard while having a good time. We want you to have so much fun that you forget you are working out. We aren’t all green juice + sweat, though, because we preach the importance of enjoying life. That means eating what makes you happy, moving because it feels good, pushing your limits + knowing when to respect them. We are a team of community builders + motivators that are committed to being an integral part of the mindful expansion of downtown Durham. We foster that by supporting + partnering with local businesses + serving the best sweat sessions we can to the people we love. We believe that a life connected is a life well-lived. To the team at Intent FitHouse, this means being connected to our bodies, our minds + our downtown Durham community.