Inside the Organization


Downtown Durham, Inc. (DDI) is a 501(c) 6 organization, formed in 1993 to serve as a catalyst for downtown revitalization.

With more than $1.7 billion dollars invested over the past 20 years, downtown is now a thriving climate able to support additional business, retail and housing growth. Since 1993 Downtown has grown from just 160 residents to more than 1,500; added over 300 new businesses; increased its annual visitors by more than 1 million; and added nearly 2 million square feet of new office space. Investments slated for the near future will bring total dollars invested to nearly $2 billion.

In 2012, DDI became the entity responsible for the downtown Durham Business Improvement District, a .8 mile area where property owners are assessed a small additional tax to create a cleaner, safer and more vibrant downtown community. The tax is used by the BID to fund the Ambassadors program, which provides maintenance services that supplement those offered by the city, as well as to develop and fund district-wide placemaking and marketing initiatives that support businesses located in the district.

DDI is the engine for economic development and growth in downtown Durham, and the entity that focuses solely on the economic health, diversity, attractiveness and vibrancy of downtown.

Master Plan


In addition to our working board, which is made up of downtown Durham stakeholders, DDI engages in regular dialogue with the community through two committees.

Diversity Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Diversity Advisory Committee is to increase two-way communication with a broad array of community members about what is happening in downtown Durham, to encourage racially and culturally diverse events to locate downtown and to invite racially and culturally diverse community groups to explore opportunities downtown. 

Clean and Safe Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Downtown Clean and Safe Advisory Committee is to provide feedback and render advice with respect to the operation of Business Improvement District's Clean and Safe Ambassador services. 



Board of Directors

  • Lew Myers

    Board Chair

  • Anna Branly

    The Cupcake Bar

  • Jessica Brock

    Longfellow Real Estate Partners

  • Ellen Cassilly

    Ellen Cassilly Architects

  • James R. Easthom

    Kennon Craver, Attorneys at Law

  • Robert Emerson

    Emerson Land Planning, PLLC

  • Indira Everett

    Duke Energy Carolinas

  • Brenda Howerton

    Durham County Commission

  • Scott Harmon

    Center Studio Architecture, PLLC

  • Sandi Haynes

    Non-profit Executive Search Consultant

  • Shannon Healey

    Alley 26

  • Doug Henderson-James

    DCP CoHousing Community, LLC

  • John Hodges-Copple

    Triangle J Council of Governments

  • Ryan Hurley

    Vert & Vogue

  • Courtney James

    Urban Durham Realty

  • Jillian Johnson

    City Council

  • Adam Klein

    American Underground

  • Cicely Mitchell

    Art of Cool

  • Bryson Powell

    East West Partners

  • Scott Selig

    Duke University

  • Gloria Shealey

    The Daniele Company

  • Craig Shipley

    The Durham Hotel

  • James H. Sills, III

    Mechanics and Farmers Bank

  • Mark Stanford

    Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc

  • Lucy Stokes

    Somerset Partners

  • Herbert “Eugene” Tatum, III

    Attorney at Law

  • Larry Tilley

    Acme Plumbing


DDI Office Location

115 Market St, Suite 213
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919-682-2800