Funky retail, handcrafted gifts and unique boutiques! If you are looking for something different than the traditional items you can buy in Anytown, USA, find what you are looking for in over 50 retail shops in downtown! Spread throughout our walkable downtown area, venture around downtown to find gifts and items you cannot find anywhere else!

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Lotus Leaf Gifts and Aparel

410 West Geer St.
Durham, NC 27701




Gifts designed to lift the spirit and create serenity.

Greeting Cards-Candles-Apparel-Incense-Meaningful Jewelry-Meditation Cushions-Japanese Tea Sets-
Yoga Mats- Statuary-Books- Music-Cds-Lamps-Nepal Crafts-Wall Hangings- Windchimes & Bells- Balinese Textiles- Singing Bowls-Meaningful Jewelry- Crystals & Rocks- Lanterns – Hanging Tapestries- and more